Wedding Favours

For all your special guests

Made For Your Guests

We are really proud to offer a range of unique and beautiful handmade wedding favours. These tasty little treats are all available personalised with your guest’s names to double up as a place setting.

cupcake in a jar weddings Hull
Cupcakes in a Jar

Our very popular little cupcakes in a jar come in a range of delicious flavours ensuring there is something for everyone. They can be your favour, pudding, place setting or all three things in one! saving you time and money.

hot chocolate spoon weddings Hull
Hot Chocolate Spoons

Our fabulous Hot Chocolate spoons are made from White, Milk or Dark Belgian Chocolate and can be adorned with sugar decorations of your choosing to capture an essence of your day. A take home gift for your guests to enjoy while cosied up on the sofa. Stir these Chocolate spoons into a mug of hot milk for a sumptuous Hot Chocolate Drink.

wedding favour biscuits Hull
Decorated Biscuits

With our delightful biscuits the only limitation is your imagination. Available in lots of different shapes, sizes and flavours. We welcome all of your ideas to create a special token reminder of your unique day that your guests will really enjoy.